Antonio Benítez Ostos

Is of Counsel for the Public and Regulatory Law Department of the firm.

He originally worked at the UVERTON ABOGADOS law firm, of which he’s currently a partner. Prior to this, he was a Senior Associate in the Public and Regulatory Department at Andersen Tax & Legal and Head of the Department of Administrative and Contentious Law at Administrativo de Martínez-Echevarría Abogados, in their offices in Madrid and Córdoba.

He specialise in all areas related to administrative and contentious law, chiefly public procurement, water, mines and the environment, sanctioning procedures, taxes, forced expropriations, civil services, property liability, town planning, subsidies, regulated industries and contentious and administrative appeals of all kinds.



Degree in Law from the Faculty of Law, Economics and Business Science of Córdoba. 2003 – 2008.

Master’s degree in Energy Law from the National Institute of Energy and Spanish Energy Club -ENERCLUB-. 2013 – 2014.

Expert level course in Public Contracting. University of Deusto. 2011-2012.

Successful applicant in the Secretariat category, Local Administration Entry level. 2008-2011.



Teaching Experience

Regulatory Law’ teacher at the Madrid School of Law and Economics (ISDE). 2018.
Public Law Professor at Loyola University Andalusia. 2019-2020.


Bar Association of Cordoba.


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Andalucía Excelente Prize

Andalucía Excelente Prize, in the Administrative Law category, granted for legal training in this field, professional career and impact. 2017.